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Newest name, phone number and e-mail address isityoruz. This information when performing your RESERVATION, passing, or you can get in touch with you in case of a problem with your RESERVATION helps us electronically send confirmation. Wizard member number if you are a member of the main customer knowledge base in order to speed up the reservation process, we collected information and use it to establish a connection.

Faron Tour which takes information?
IP Address: When you visit our site your IP address are recorded. This address is only by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) does not contain any information that identifies you and your personal information. This information to be able to better track the source of traffic to our web site use.

How does it protect your information Faron Tour?
Credit card details and so on. when necessary, to require security Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology we use is called.

On-line promotions
Participate in any competition in our case, in order to inform you if you need to ask some personal information. May change the rules of the competition and the promotion of each condition or promotion / contest will be announced during the. If the 3 parties concerned to give out a prize, the prize for the distribution of this information is in question 3 shared with the person.

On-line surveys
Participate in any on-line survey, certain personal information, such as your age, and / or may be asked to provide demographic information, such as your income. If you want to deny all or none of this information can give you. Results of these surveys will be used to improve the features and usability.

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